Thursday, February 14, 2008

Updates: For Friday 2.15.08 (BSU: 1124, 1125; PGCC: 2205)

Concerning class for this coming Friday (2.15.08), I want to remind you all of what the expectations are:

1. Come to class having read the text on fallacies in the world as mediated by "The Daily Show." (Class handout.)

2. Come to class having read George Lakoff and Mark Johnson’s chapter, “Introduction: Who Are We?" (The link is in a prior blog.)

3. Come to class with Week Three's Critique (be sure to integrate appropriate citations this week), or one of the Substitution options. (Speech analysis; or an analysis of "The Daily Show" or "The Colbert Report"-- see prior post.)

4. Come to class ready to turn in the following projects: (a) at least five copies of your group's Learning Assessment on all of the 13 fallacies posted in a previous blog, ready to administer your Learning Assessment to your fellow Learning Community peers and (b) a group or individual text on fallacies (Monday's assignment on defining all 13 and finding-posting real world examples).


V. Hawkins said...

I was not in attendance on Monday, will you please elaborate on the learning assesments.

A. Taylor, Ph.D. said...

Simply, create a Learning Assessment with your Learning Community, to give to peers on Fri. It is supposed to be on the 13 fallacies you are responsible for. If you still are unclear, reach out to your Learning Community or see me during my office hour/s.

V. Hawkins said...

Is it possible to stop pass your office today around 4:30? One member of my learning community may have dropped the class, I have not been about to reach her by email or by phone. The other young lady is in high school and is not reachable until she gets home. However, she did not take notes on Monday evening.