Saturday, February 23, 2008

For Week Five (BSU: 1124, 1125; PGCC: 2205)

Given that many of us did not have class on Friday, 2.23.08, I want you all to take note of the following in preparation for Week Five:

1. Be responsible for the prior post (Thursday, February 21, 2008; 11:35am) for class on Monday.

2. For class on Monday, read the next 20 pages in Obenga's text, 67 - 87. Focus on each part of the text (structure or subheading). Be able to understand the key "thesis" of each part (its essential point/s) and be able to SAC (see syllabus) each part.

3. For class on Friday, see the first 3o:40 "minutes" of Wesley Snipes 1997 documentary on the late Pan-Africanist and Historian Dr. John Henrik Clarke: "A Great and Mighty Walk." Naturally, you are encouraged to view the documentary in its entirety (it covers "the story" of John Henrik Clarke's life and Africana - Africa and her Diaspora - history). But, for the purposes of this week, in preparation for your "Midterm," I want you all to take a critical note of his (political) interpretation of History, focused on the relationship between Greece and Nile Valley Civilization (culminating in Egypt).

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