Thursday, February 21, 2008

Updates, PGCC: 2215, 6 - 9 pm

Note: The following post is only applicable to my PGCC class, "2215" (M, 6-9pm) for this coming Monday, 2.25.08. Further, this post may appear like allot of work, because it is. Recall that we have missed two weeks of class due to holidays.

For class this coming Monday, take note of the following:

1. Print the citation style manual for the course (see prior post), bring to class and be ready to take a Learning Assessment (LA) on how to make citations for our class.

2. Be ready to take a comprehensive LA on all 13 fallacies that we were exposed to in class (see prior post for further reference).

3. Be ready to turn in the following: Critique #3, Speech Analysis or Daily Show/Colbert Report Analysis (see prior post); assignment on 13 critiques in the world (see prior post... again, you can turn this in individually or as a Learning Community); Learning Community, or individual, Learning Assessment on ALL 13 fallacies.

4. Come to class having read the following for Week 3: the text on John Stewart (class handout); the link to the text, written by George Lakoff and Mark Johnson, “Introduction: Who Are We?” (see prior post).

5. Come to class having read the following for this week, Week 4 (see syllabus): the text by Stephen Law (class handout, beneath the text "What is Philosophy") on "The History of Philosophy;" and Obenga's text (class handout), 51 - 66. For this week, you will not be writing a critique. Though, expect a Learning Assessment on the assigned readings.

Note: Any questions, be sure to reach out to me BEFORE class.

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