Friday, February 8, 2008

Update: Finding Fallacies in the World (Bowie, 1124, 1125; PGCC, 2205)

In light of this Monday's tasks, concerning fallacies, consider the following:

1. Instead of only having the option to turn this assignment in as a group project, you all can also turn this in individually. However, working as a group can prove valuable for two primary reasons: (1) you can "divide and conquer" the task; and (2) it can put you in a better space to prepare for the week's collaborative Learning Assessment on fallacies.

2. Be sure to visit "The Colbert Report" (2008) (accessed February 8, 2008), on the net. Today, I saw a number of intentional fallacies (mindful that this show is a parody on "the day's" social and political matters), such that one can use this source to find many real world examples of fallacies.

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