Monday, February 11, 2008

Daily Show Links (All)

Per our class discussion today, I want to encourage you all to view the following links to see John Stewart of "The Daily Show" in action. Moreover, I want to encourage you all to see the following links (no more than 6min each) before you read the text on fallacies and "The Daily Show" to give you all some useful context:

1. See "Chris Matthews" (The Daily Show, October 2, 2007)
(accessed February 11, 2008).

2. See "Jonah Goldberg" (The Daily Show, January 16, 2008) (accessed February 11, 2008).

Note: To facilitate your learning, try to identify the fallacies that are being made and/or the reason why John Stewart is saying that a given claim that is being made (either by Chris Matthews or Jonah Goldberg) is fallacious.

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