Saturday, February 9, 2008

Some Useful News Links

To put yourselves in positions to be more aware and conscious citizens, at the same time being able to contribute something to our classroom news updates, consider briefly reviewing the following news links:

1. For a daily report on world news, visit BBC News for further reference,

2. For a daily report on world news, see one of the most acclaimed resources in the Middle East,,

3. For what many call the U.S.'s "newspaper of record," visit the New York Times online,

4. For opinion journalism, consider the following links: Washington Post "Opinions,"⊂=AR; Common Dreams News Center,; Democracy Now, daily webcast,;The Weekly Standard,; The Wall Street Journal, Opinion,; and Town,

Naturally there are many other websites to consider. But for the purposes of the class, briefly reviewing the BBC or the New York Times websites will suffice.

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