Sunday, April 27, 2008

For the Outline and Final Research Project (ALL)

Given that you all are developing your outlines and Final Research Projects (FRP), it is imperative that you all clearly know what I am looking for, for each section of your FRP. What follows is an outline that contains the particulars that I am looking for, which will ensure maximum points (but, be sure to put what follows in your own specific-words in your outlines):

Section One: Introduction to Philosophy
1. Clearly define philosophy.
2. Introduce the reader to MEAL and BWRITES.
3. Write about what does and/or does not work for you in philosophy, focused on (hopefully) how it can work for you in the future (academically and/or professionally).

Section Two: The History of Philosophy
1. Review the history of philosophy, as framed by Law (Ancient, Medieval, Early Modern and Modern).
Note: Be sure to (a) integrate the interventions of Obenga (into Ancient section) and Magee (the whole framework) into this section to develop your analysis; (b) clearly distinguish what aspects of MEAL each section and/or each thinker is focused on; and (c) make sure your voice, via criticism ("SAC" but SAC that is not restrictive but "free," what works and what does not work), is privileged throughout the text.

Section Three: The Emergence of Africana Philosophy
1. Tell the story of the Africana World (see BBC and Azevedo).
2. Tell the story of Race (PBS and BBC Webcast), and Race and Philosophy (Eze).
3. Clearly define Africana Philosophy (Harris and Outlaw and where it fits within MEAL) and the various streams (voices) in the discourse. Also, be sure that your criticism, reactions to the texts, are clear throughout your analysis. I do not just want summary!
4. Feature the praxis of one thinker, focused on their big ideas and practices and your reactions to it-- as in, your arguments demonstrating why you agree and do not agree with it.

Section Four: Your Philosophy
1. According to you what is the nature of existence (metaphysics)?
2. How do you know what exists (epistemology)?
3. What is your core value (axiology)?
4. What is your praxis (praxis)?
5. Feature a critical analysis of one key philosopher.
Note: This section presupposes that you know and are comfortable working within the framework of MEAL. If not, consult the former blogs and resources that covers the meaning of MEAL. Also, be sure that you clearly develop each section of this section in a clear and compelling fashion.

Section Five: Special Topic
1. Develop a clear and concrete research question.
2. Clearly determine and express why you value your question and/or why knowing about it matters.
3. Make sure you express your text within the framework of a well developed Critique-- Intro-Thesis, Body (with critical analysis, "SAC," etc.) and Conclusion, privileging your voice.

To do well on your FRP, keep the following interventions in mind if you want to ensure success: (1) reach out to your Learning Community members if you have any questions and responsibly edit each other's texts; (2) reach out to me if you have any questions about the FRP (in class, office hours, blog, e-mail); (3) take advantage of the learning/writing centers that are available to you to help you help yourself (on writing well, ENDNOTES!!!, etc.)

Note: (1) Naturally, one can utilize the abovementioned framework as a guide to your outlines of sections one through three that are due. However, you must fill in the blanks. In other words, rewriting the abovementioned texts in your own words will not work, unless and until you fill in the blanks with respect to how you will be developing each section. (2) Do not forget that the early critiques that we wrote this term cover sections one through two of your FRP. Just clearly structure each section of your FRP, cut, paste, edit and integrate former Critiques into your FRP and make it work.

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