Friday, May 2, 2008

No Readings for the Weekend! (1124, 1125, 2205)

Note: This post applies to all, accept the PGCC students 2215 @6.

THE READING FOR THIS WEEKEND HAS BEEN CANCELED!!! so that you all can work on turning in your (optional) Final Research Project (FRP) Drafts.

Remember, turning in FRP Drafts can become opportune for a variety of reasons: (1) You can earn ten extra credit points -- five for the effort and five for five extra credit critiques, and (2) You can get comments from me to maximize your final FRP text.

Take note of the following: (1) Consult the exercises for sections 1 - 3 and 4 - 5, so that you can find out exactly what I am looking for in each section of your FRP, (2) Have a Learning Community (LC) member or peer review your text, before submittal, to maximize your capabilities; and (3) Be sure that your drafts have appropriately cited endnotes.

Turn in your drafts, so that I can help you help yourself, consistent with my pledge to you all during the first week of class, about wanting everyone to do well, creating as many opportunities for success as possible.

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