Wednesday, April 9, 2008

(New) Extra Credit Options! (All)

Extra Credit Options are at hand! Three will be sketched in this blog, but concerning other options, do not hesitate to look at the syllabus for further reference.

*Note: Anyone who has missed critiques, has not done well on their general and three-minute Learning Assessments, and/or wants to ensure that they get the best grade/s available to them, be sure to take advantage of the extra credit opportunities at hand. Again, one can earn a total of 20points in extra credit points, with the potential to move your grade up one whole letter grade.

Two events, in particular, are forthcoming at Politics and Prose bookstore (5015 Connecticut Ave., NW, Washington, DC 2008, 202.364.1919). Do not hesitate to click on the latter link and get on their event listserv:

1. On Saturday, 4.12.08. (This Saturday!), the renowned critical Historian Howard Zinn will be presenting his most recent text, A People's History of American Empire: A Graphic Adaption with Mike Konopacki at 1pm. (If any one of you all plan to attend this or any other event, please let me know, through posting a comment at this blog, in class or sending me an e-mail, so that I can make arrangements to attend the event.) For those that want to read an excerpt of the text, do not hesitate to visit the following article/link Empire or Humanity? What the classroom did not teach me about American Empire; and for those that want to view a persuasive and engaging, animated adaption of the same text see...

2. On Friday, 5.9.08 at 7pm, Michale Eric Dyson, who Ebony magazine named as one of the hundred most influential Black Americans, will be presenting his most recent text, April 4, 1968: Martin Luther King Jr.'s Death and How it Changed America. To get a glimpse of Dr. Dyson in action, he surely performs, do not hesitate to see his most recent Book TV webcast, In Depth: Michale Eric Dyson (when you click the latter link, on the upper right hand corner, click the little red link "watch" to view the webcast), highlighting his body of scholarship.

Recalling an exchange in some of my classes on Monday, I want to remind you all about another way to garner extra credit points that can accomplish many things at one time:

3. For those of us who have missed writing Critiques, go on and do them and submit them as Extra Credit Critiques (the syllabus specifies how many you can turn in). If you do this, you will be doing, at least, two things at one time. On the one hand, you will be earning extra credit points and on the other hand, you will be doing the critiques that you have to do already, focused on the complete development of the Final Research Project.

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