Thursday, April 3, 2008

For Next Week (All)

*Note: For PGCC students ("2215": M, 6 - 9pm), the following assignments are posted for you all to address after our class this coming Monday (4.7.08). Essentially, you all do not have to do any new readings for this coming Monday, other than what has already been assigned.

Week 10

  • Exploring the Africana World: European contact, Civil War and Civil Rights, African Independence and Pan Africanism

(a) For Monday: Read the introductory page of “Africa and Europe” and the following links under the Index (“The European Scramble,” “Political Resistance,” “Forces for Change” and “Timeline”) at the BBC's “The Story of Africa.”

(b) For Wednesday: Read the text “Civil War to Civil Rights: The Quest for Freedom and Equality” (Azevedo).

(c) For Friday: Read the introductory page of “Independence” and the following links under the Index (“Towards Independence,” “French and British Colonial Styles,” “The Nation State,” “Post Independence,” “Independence Timeline”) at the BBC's “Story of Africa.” And read “The Pan African Movement” (Azevedo) OR finish viewing the John Henrik Clarke webcast on Pan-Africanism, "A Great and Mighty Walk." Turn in Critiques, assessing the week’s readings.

Optional: For those that want more information on the Africana world's contemporary challenges, do not hesitate to visit the following links.

On your critiques, keep in mind that you all are developing section three ("The Emergence of Africana Philosophy") of your Final Research Project (FRP). Towards this end, we are reading and writing about the realities of Africana history, before we assess the philosophical praxis of key people in the Africana world. Again, you are reading and writing section three of your FRP, right now!

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