Saturday, April 26, 2008

For the Last Week of Class (All)

Note: For PGCC students "2215" (M@6), our last day of class will be May 5, 2008; and PGCC students "2205" (MWF@12) our last day of class will be May 7, 2008. Taking these matters into account, the forthcoming texts are matters that are to be incorporated into your Final Research Projects (FRP).

The work that is posted below pertains to the last week of materials that I will be posting for our classes (for all BSU students the last day of class is Monday, May 12, 2008). It is being posted below for one primary reason, to help you all develop your section three outlines of your FRP (due this coming Monday April 28, 2008). As such, preview (you are not being asked to read) the following materials so that you can (1) incorporate them into your outlines that are due this coming Monday and (2) you may want to concentrate on one of the following thinkers or texts in section three of your FRP.

Week 14

  • Gathering Africana Philosophy, cont.
  1. For Monday: Read bell hook’s text “Black Women Shaping Feminist Theory” (Eze).
  2. For Wednesday: Read Cornel West’s “Prophetic Pragmatism” (class handout in first week of class) OR watch a webcast of him talking about his text Democracy Matters, 9-11 and Justice.
  3. For your FRP: Familiarize yourselves with the the United Nations' (UN) Universal Declaration of Human Rights; and read the former Secretary General (SG) of the UN Kofi Annan’s “Executive Summary” of his text In Larger Freedom. No outlines will be due for this week, just be sure that the above-listed texts are represented in your FRP, and be ready for a 3min Learning Assessment, or two...
Optional Resources

For those that want to learn more about the work of bell hooks, the aspirations of the former SG Kofi Annan and/or want to learn more about the philosophy of cosmopolitanism (Universal Citizenship), do not hesitate to view the following resources:

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