Sunday, March 23, 2008

Reading the Symbols on Your Papers (All)

With respect to reading the symbols that you all will find on the essays that I will be handing back (tomorrow), I want you all to take note of the following (additional) symbolic notations. In other words, if/when you see the following symbols in quotation next to a passage in your text (as in, "S," "T," "R," etc.) note that they correspond to the word next to it (as in, “S” = Structure, “T” = Transition, “R” = Relevance...):

“S” = Structure; “T” = Transition; “R” = Relevance; “D” = Details; “D/E” = Definition and Explanation; “CA” = Critical Apparatus (citations and endnotes); “Φ
” = Why Is Your Analysis Philosophical (MEAL-SAC)?; “C/A” = Criticism and Argumentation; “?” = Clarity Problem. Other symbols will be used to address the mechanics of your writing: “G” = Grammar; “Sp” = Spelling; “Pct.” = punctuation; “SL” = Sexist Language; “A” = Above (point already made above, why repeated?).

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