Friday, March 14, 2008

During Spring Break (All)

Concerning the upcoming (and needed!) spring break, I want you all to take into account the following matters:

1. Surely, get some rest and recuperate. For many of us, the term has been rewarding but taxing. Be sure to get a little sunlight so that your batteries can be recharged when class picks back up.

2. After you have taken the time out to rest, be sure that you read the next three chapters in Maggee ("The Great Rationalists," "The Great Empiricists," and the "Revolutionary French Thinkers") over the break and write a critique on the same topics to turn in on the first day of class (3.24.08). Again, be sure to read the text structurally and actively. Further, be able to "tell the story" of each chapter, identify key thinkers and philosophies (use the table of contents as a guide to the philosophical traditions and philosophies that you should be responsible for), and be able to write about each chapter within the context of MEAL-SAC.

3. Consider finishing the book and doing extra credit critiques over the break. Concerning the extra credit critiques, I would argue that it is in your interest to go through the Magee text and think about writing critiques on particular philosophies and/or philosophers that you can identify with. Taking advantage of the latter opportunity can prove beneficial insofar as you will be (a) learning and getting extra credit points (to make up for missed LA's, critiques, or just simply earning more functional points) and you will be (b) effectively completing section four (4) of your Final Research Project, on Your Philosophy.

4. If you have not done this already, make sure that you (take a brief) look at the links under "Philosophy Resources" and "Philosophical Webcasts" on this blog. Assessing the former links will help you (a) do well on your three minute Learning Assessments (LA's) and most importantly (b) it will help you know exactly where to go to develop (Section Four of) your Final Research Projects.

Be safe and have fun!

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