Friday, March 28, 2008

For Next Week (All)

*Note: For PGCC students (2215, M, 6 - 9pm), the following materials are matters for you all to address after our class this coming Monday. In other words, you all do not have to do any new readings for this coming Monday, other than what has already been assigned.

To date, we have covered Western Philosophy, focused on the Ancients, the Medieval world, the Early Moderns, and the Modern period. Moving forward, we will be assessing philosophy in the social world (social and political philosophy), focused on the emergence (or genealogy) of Africana Philosophy. Towards this end, the first thing that we are going to do is learn more about Africa-- before we negotiate the Africana world (Africa and the African diaspora) within the context of philosophy.

For the following week, the syllabus has been slightly amended:

Week 9
  • Exploring Africa: Human Origins, Civilization/s and Slavery

(a) For Monday: Familiarize yourselves with the Map of Africa (click this link to the left and all corresponding links below). Read Ch. 3 “Africa and the Genesis of Humankind” (Azevedo). Note, for those students that have not purchased the Azevedo text (Africana Studies) read "Early History" (and the corresponding Index on the right-hand column of the web-page) at BBC's "The Story of Africa."

(b) For Wednesday: Read the information at the following links (on the left-hand column of the web-page) “Nile Valley,” “West African Kingdoms,” and “Central African Kingdoms” at "The Story of Africa."

(c) For Friday: Read the information at the link and index for “Slavery” at “The Story of Africa.” Turn in Critique/s, assessing the week’s readings.

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